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Police Department

Employing an Off-Duty Metro Police Officer Through the SEU

Another option an organization has to employ an off-duty Metro police officer is to go through the SEU at the Metro Police Department. This is the only method by which to obtain a Metro police officer and a Metro police vehicle. Several criteria must be met before the Police Department can enter into a contract with an organization. Information concerning the planned event or job, the number of officers and/or vehicles requested, etc. will be reviewed by Secondary Employment Unit (SEU) staff to determine if the job can be staffed by the department. This information is then forwarded to the Chief of Police, or his designee who will review the organization's request for services and determine if the use of a police vehicle would be of benefit to the public at large. A determination is made if it would be appropriate for the department to enter into a contract with the requesting organization. Once approved, the organization or business will sign a contract specifying the duties, responsibilities, times, and locations concerning the work to be performed by the officers. After a contract is signed, returned (the contract must be returned signed and notarized), and signed by the appropriate government personnel, the SEU will schedule officers for your event. Interested officers volunteer to work and are assigned through the SEU. SEU personnel are on call 24 hours a day to respond to "after hours" problems, no shows, emergencies, etc. The officers are paid through the police department and are considered in an "on-duty" status. Currently the charge for an officer is $40.00 per hour (with a 4 hour minimum and an 8 hour cancellation notice required). The charge for a police automobile is an additional $4.50 per hour (with a four hour minimum). The department reserves the right to require additional personnel (and / or supervisors) to staff events. A cashiers check or money order for the anticipated cost of scheduled service is required before any service will be provided.

Rates for Employee Officers Through the Secondary Employment Unit

Effective April 18, 2013

Hourly Rates for Non-Metro Contractors
Rank Overtime Flat Rate Holiday Flat Rate:
Police Officer $40.00 $46.00
Sergeant $50.00 $58.00
Lieutenant $56.00 $64.00
Captain $65.00 $75.00
Vehicle Rates for Non-Metro Contractors
Type Overtime Flat Rate Holiday Flat Rate
Marked Car
$4.50 $4.50
Motorcycle $3.00 $3.00

Submit application for employing Metro Officer through the SEU