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2009 National Championship Team

2007 National Championship Team

DCT patch Drill and Ceremony Team (DCT) DCT patch with memorial

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Drill and Ceremony Team (DCT) is a team of officers who were formed to honor the lives and memories of those killed in the line of duty. The Drill and Ceremony Team represents the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department and the city of Nashville in formal ceremonies such as honor guard, color guard, parades, casket watches, funerals, and civic events. Its 28 members come from virtually all units and sections within the department. Its members are trained in basic rifle drills, police ceremonies, military ceremonies, and related tasks.

DCT members with drums

DCT logo (black and white)

The Drill and Ceremony Team is comprised of highly trained departmental members specially selected for their dedication to the law enforcement profession and our department. Each member is selected and chosen specifically because of their appearance, skills, and talents that they will bring to the team.

Our Mission Statement: To honor those who have dedicated and sacrificed their lives in the service of the city of Nashville, the State of Tennessee, and the United States of America. We serve as ambassadors of hope and strength to those families who may need comfort in their darkest hour and as representatives of the City of Nashville, who is forever grateful.

Drill and Ceremony Team Creed
DCT logo (color)

The main purpose of the team is to honor and stand watch over law enforcement officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Our Drill and Ceremony Team takes pride in the law enforcement profession and strives to present a positive and professional image to the general public.

DCT at memorial service

DCT at memorial service

The MNPD Drill and Ceremony Team’s training is driven by the four pillars “Honor, Pride, Commitment, and Precision”. The team requires a member to have high levels of each to ensure that their uniform is spotless, buttons are shined, shoes are polished, and firearms are maintained in perfect order.

DCT at Public Square

Each team member must have these traits so when it is time to train they are focused and dedicated to the task at hand. Training includes the basics of unarmed close order drill, armed close order drill, marching, organization, and preparation. The basics are what this team was founded on and support all other functions.

DCT with flags

Pillars of Purpose

Honor: We honor fallen officers of our city and our nation for giving their lives in the service of the City of Nashville and the United States of America. Their service and selfless sacrifice shall never be forgotten.

DCT with folded flag (presentation)

Pride: Each member takes great pride in their appearance, both publicly and privately. Being a member of this team is a most sought after position within the department. Each member understands the importance of their individual role as it relates to the whole team. They must be willing to humble themselves as individuals for the opportunity to be part of such an important unit and take pride in the group as a whole.

DCT standing at attention

Commitment: Team members attend monthly practice to perfect their skills and knowledge. Significant amounts of personal time are necessary and encouraged to perfect the basic movements and skills needed to function as a team and not simply as a group of individuals.

Precision: The basics of drill and rifle movements serve as the foundation of the team. Down to the smallest detail, each member works diligently to make sure their uniforms and movements look perfect for every event and they move in unison as one body. From hand placement to foot angles, the Nashville DCT members strive for perfection.

DCT with American Flag

Recent Awards

In May 2013, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department's Drill and Ceremony team was once again judged among the best in North America. The team placed second in competition during National Police Week in Washington, D.C.

Previously, as part of the National Police Week celebration which is conducted in our Nation’s Capitol annually, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department’s Drill and Ceremony Team attended and competed in the Fifth Annual Honor Guard Competition. The team represented our department and this city in an exceptional manner and won top honors, being judged as the 2007 National Champions.

This event which is sponsored by the Grand Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police began at John Marshall Plaza located in Washington DC. The 21 teams from across the United States and Canada were required to perform three different functions that were judged during the competition. They were the Team Inspection Drill, the Color Guard Posting of the Colors, and an Exhibition Phase. During each phase of the competition teams and team members were judged on uniformity, military bearing, precision, and creativity.

DCT with award

Nashville DCT Participants included: James Boone, Ryan Catron, Bryan Doersam, Chad High, Chris West, Jimmy Knight, Leonard Keeler, and Ben Rodgers.

DCT formation - side view (public square)

DCT on courthouse steps

DCT competitors with awards

DCT on steps at Capitol

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