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Police Department

Current Police Officer Trainee Applicant Standings

This eligibility list is for consideration for the next MNPD Police Officer Trainee Academy class.

The eligibility applicant order, or rankings, on this list will change month to month as new applicant interview panels are scored and added into the overall standings on this list.

MNPD training academy classes will usually consist of 70-80 applicants per class. Two academy classes are normally offered per year with the start dates being February 16th and August 16th. The following are expected academy entrance dates for 2018 and 2019. More dates may be added as needed.

  • May 1, 2018
  • October 16, 2018
  • February 16, 2019
  • August 16, 2019

You will be contacted if your background investigation is completed, you are qualified, and you are selected for the next academy class. Selections are made from the top scores down, for those that have been qualified.

Do not call the MNPD Recruiting Section to check your status. Unsolicited calls to the MNPD Recruitment Section should only occur when providing updated information about changes in your information or status.

You will remain on the eligibility list for 1 year or at least two academy class selections, whichever is the longest period.

If you are not satisfied with your current ranking, you may contact the Recruitment Section to be removed from the list and you may reapply 6 months after your last online application was submitted.

Rank Last Name First Name Middle Name
1 Mundt D L
2 Lanfersieck M R
3 Hurt S P
4 Oliveri Z D
5 Doan J R
6 Crawford B D
7 Laury E D
8 Hall T A
9 Aubrie M E
10 Johnson N D
11 Jackson A Z
12 Heiduk A A
13 Burnett W B
14 Hoffmeyer B A
15 Crisp J A
16 Hickman B J
17 Smith N A
18 Bryant J R
19 Sneeringer J M
20 Fandrick Jr R D
21 Bradley D S
22 Newman A M
23 Peoples T E
24 Cottrill J C
25 Clement M G
26 Darboe I M
27 Mann D M
28 Ahmed K H
29 Murray Z J
30 Phillips M C
31 Klinsky L M
32 Fox M A
33 Kress K J
34 Redwine J R
35 Fuentes D J
36 Sweazey M T
37 Goldston J J
38 Garcia J [none]
39 Hunt D J
40 Cote L M
41 Gistarb J [none]
42 Cash T C
43 Wouters V F
44 Greenup J A
45 King L L
46 Badger W K
47 Gault III R A
48 Yanez P A
49 Bryant K A
50 Blow N D
51 Degroff E B
52 Maxa Z J
53 Wilson I T
54 Aaron R [none]
55 Cottingham R R
56 Nguyen M [none]
57 Croteau P R
58 Posey M D
59 Ismail C S
60 Cole M [none]
61 Lawson D D
62 Johnson D T
63 Rosenberg B G
64 Faraj A O
65 Mackall D A
66 Richardson D J
67 Dodge J R
68 Hale T B
69 Hall R S
70 Sheriff N [none]
71 McCluskey A H
72 Calletano D [none]
73 Spencer J P
74 Barrera C E
75 Pearce K J
76 Baugh J D
77 Durbin C T
78 Allen S R
79 Washington J A
80 Trigg R S
81 Braun J T
82 Norris M A
83 Tarkington A M
84 Sullivan J A
85 Marbury L V
86 Conner R L
87 Bartello M E
88 Peebles E D
89 Parsons T A
90 Dick J T
91 Baines M W
92 Russell J C
93 Harrelson E M
94 Osses A A
95 Collins M M
96 Canard G B
97 Kerim S S
98 Pindrock D A
99 Stull III K B
100 Simpkins B S
101 Brunegraff A T
102 Denova A [none]
103 Sherman B P
104 Nicholson I M
105 Torres A [none]
106 Keaton E D
107 Robinson D A
108 Wright J T
109 Patti N R
110 Ahmed S I
111 Deardorff N A
112 Numan P J
113 Bowden K H
114 Lynch C G
115 Norman F D
116 Leon E [none]
117 Hines D M
118 Lane T R
119 Chessman K M
120 Hoffmann C F
121 Perry K M
122 Hutson K D
123 Shemssulldin N S