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Police Department

Personal History Statement for Police Applicants

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department’s Personal History Statement is a tool used to complete a police applicant’s background investigation. It assists with determining whether an applicant is qualified to become an officer.

Watch our Facebook video about completing your Personal History Statement. This is an instructional video. It goes through each section, in detail, and explains how to complete the form.

Complete your Personal History Statement

Helpful Information for Completing Your Form

The Personal History Statement must be notarized and its submission along with any attachments are required on the day of your pre-scheduled Civil Service Exam (written test). These instructions can be found on the Applicant Agreement Form on page 3 of the form.

You must provide complete and current information including zip codes, email addresses and telephone numbers with area codes.

Failure to comply with any instructions may result in disqualification from the hiring process. It is to your advantage to be honest, truthful, thorough, and detailed in answering all questions on your Personal History Statement.

Incomplete Personal History Statements and not providing the necessary attachments may result in a delay of your background investigation.

We recommend applicants electronically complete the Personal History Statement.

  • Download the Personal History Statement form to your computer.
  • Use Adobe Reader to fill it out electronically and save it. You may not be able to fill out the form electronically in some web browsers.
  • Print your completed form.
  • If needed, you can print the blank form and complete it by hand, writing legibly. Illegible handwriting could delay the duration of an applicant’s background investigation.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, or need to make notification of changes, please contact: