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Common Scams in Davidson County

Home Improvement Scams

Work being offered that was unsolicited by the homeowner, and the work is not needed. The work that is done is substandard or in some cases not completed at all. Typical home improvement scams seen in Davidson County include but are not limited to: Roofing, Gutters, Lightning Rods, Mortar Pointing, Driveway Repair, and Mulching.

These types of scams are usually targeted towards elderly widows who live in middle to upper middle class neighborhoods. The victim is usually monitored for a period of time and if identified as living alone (or with no real outside help) they are approached for the scam.

Home Improvement Scam Prevention tips

  • If approached, ask for some type of identification to show who the person is and what business they work for (do not accept a business card only).
  • Do your homework - ask for references, contact the business in question, check the validity of the information being provided, contact the Better Business Bureau. Don't be pressured into making a deal. If in doubt, call the Police.

Confidence Games

Playing on a person's greed or willingness to make a "quick buck" by deception or trickery. Typical confidence games seen in Davidson County include but are not limited to: Bait and Switch, Pigeon Drops, Canadian Lottery, Trust Games, and Bank Examiner Scams.

These types of scams target a wide range of people young and old, male and female. Certain types will also target foreign-looking people who may have a language barrier. Generally a large monetary return is offered for a small investment of the victim's own money.

Confidence Games Prevention tips

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
  • Do not let greed overtake your common sense.