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Police Department

Guns in Schools Hotline

Reporting a gun in school is a free and anonymous telephone call away.

A special phone number makes it possible for students to call Crime Stoppers by dialing 615-232-A-GUN (615-232-2486). The call is free, even from a pay phone, anywhere in Davidson County.

A $500 reward will be paid for information leading to the confiscation of a firearm on school property AND the arrest of the person(s) responsible. A person can report a gun and be guaranteed anonymity by dialing the Guns-in-Schools hot line, or a person can report a gun to a principal. This program applies to guns found on properties of any school in Davidson County.

This initiative was announced four days after 13-year-old Terrance Murray was fatally shot at school in 1994.

In 1997, Chief Turner and U.S. Attorney John Roberts unveiled a new poster to be prominently displayed at public school buildings and school facilities throughout Nashville warning against bringing firearms onto school campuses.

Bringing a firearm onto any school campus, including after hours school-related events (i.e., football games, talent shows, etc.) is a violation of both state and federal law. It is also a violation of both state and federal law to provide a firearm to anyone who then brings the gun to a school campus.