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Being a Part of the "Crime Stoppers Network"

Crime Stoppers Programs, operating internationally have an impressive track record. Since the inception of the first program in Albuquerque, New Mexico in September of 1976, the number of programs has grown to more than 1100 in over 9 countries. These programs operating through April of 2000 have collectively been responsible for solving more than 732,828 felony cases, recovering more than 4.59 billion dollars in stolen property and narcotics.

There are three levels of the Crime Stoppers program -- local Crime Stoppers programs, a statewide Crime Stoppers Organization (as in Texas and New Mexico), and Crime Stoppers International, Inc., a non-profit corporation designated to promote Crime Stoppers programs through the world and assist in the coordination and exchange of information among the programs. For more information on Crime Stoppers International and other Crime Stoppers programs, visit the Crime Stoppers International web site.

Crime Stoppers programs can be extremely beneficial in combating the ever present crime problem. It is an effective tool in which the private citizen joins together with law enforcement officials to solve difficult crimes.