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Police Department

Eligibility and Reward Contingencies

Any person, except as restricted below, who directly contacts Crime Stoppers and gives information which leads to the arrest and prosecution of an adult, or to the equivalent in the case of a juvenile, or to the arrest of a pre-indicted fugitive felon; such information pertaining to the commission of one of the seven (7) categories of crime set forth by the board of directors is eligible for a "Crime Stoppers" reward.

A commissioned law enforcement officer, members of the officer's immediate family, employees of the police department or members of their immediate family, the victim of the person responsible for the felony crime and the pre-indicted fugitive felon, is not eligible for a "Crime Stoppers" reward.

If two or more persons furnish information about the same crime or felony fugitive, the reward money shall be divided as the board of directors may determine.

Being a Part of the "Crime Stoppers Network"