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Police Department

Organization and Operations

The "Crime Stoppers" program was established as a non-profit corporation with a civilian board of directors to oversee the general operation of the program and to administer funds received through public contributions. The board of directors will also have complete control over the amount of cash awards paid to any citizen for information which leads to the arrest and indictment of an offender involved in an unsolved felony crime.

The "Nashville Crime Stoppers" program was granted a charter as a non-profit corporation under state law and as a non-profit tax exempt status under the provisions of the internal revenue code in 1983.

Police officers are assigned to the "Crime Stoppers" program, as "program coordinator" and investigators, by the police department to oversee the day-to-day operations of the program. The program coordinator serves as a liaison between the police department, board of directors, and news media concerning the "Crime Stoppers" program.

The police department provides the Crime Stoppers telephone and office space for the officers assigned on a full time basis to the "Crime Stoppers" program. The salary of the police officers assigned to Crime Stoppers will be absorbed by the police department.

Operations of the Crime Stoppers Program