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Police Department

Narcotics Section

The Specialized Investigations Division's, Narcotics Section has various components that work together to specifically focus on drug enforcement and deterrence in Nashville. The enforcement is conducted through proactive investigative techniques utilizing information from police officers in the field and information provided by citizens, as well as other intelligence gathering methods. The Narcotics Section consists of four separate functions; the Narcotics Unit, the Interdiction Unit, representation with the Drug Enforcement Agency , and representation with the 20th Judicial Drug Task Force.

The Narcotics Unit's investigators focus on mid and upper level drug trafficking. They work closely with Nashville's citizens to investigate information related to drug dealing in the hierarchy of the drug world. Their focus is on who is bringing drugs into the Nashville area and distributing them to the dealers who in turn sell them in our neighborhoods.

The Interdiction Unit's investigators focus on drug couriers who bring drugs into and through Nashville. Couriers commonly transport large quantities of drugs and illegal money via our roadways. These investigators seek out these couriers on both our interstates and in our neighborhoods.

The Narcotics Section also has investigators assigned to the Drug Enforcement Agency. These investigators work to coordinate enforcing drug trafficking on the larger national and international scale. They also work with the DEA in enforcing criminal laws against those who manufacture and traffic methamphetamine.

The 20th Judicial District Drug Task Force has been in place since 1988 when the General Assembly enacted legislation to create a drug task force in each judicial district. The focus of the Task Force is to select and target upper level drug organizations for investigation. The goal of the Task Force is to totally dismantle the targeted drug organization by not only arresting all members but to also seize and forfeit the assets of the organization. The Drug Task Force also serves as a point of contact for other narcotics officers across the state when their investigations lead to Nashville.

If you have information about drug activity in Nashville, please call the Specialized Investigations Division at 615-782-3301.