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Police Department

Youth Services Division

Captain Gordon Howey
Captain Gordon Howey

The role of the Youth Services Division is to investigate most reported criminal offenses where the victim is a juvenile, enforcement of laws regarding juveniles, and the resolution of juvenile citations issued by police officers by counseling or referring the offenders to the appropriate agency in an attempt to prevent future delinquent behavior. The Division also investigates crimes that occur in schools during school hours, on the way to and from school, at school bus stops, and at school functions.

Investigative Section

This section investigates the deaths of children under the age of thirteen and assaults when the victim is a juvenile. They also investigate cases involving runaway or missing children, child custody issues, child neglect, child abuse, kidnapping, drug overdose of minors, accidental injuries, or any other case where there expertise may be needed. The types of crimes investigated in the schools include most personal and property crimes including assaults, burglaries, thefts, and vandalism.

Counseling Section

The Counseling Section provides early assessment and short-term intervention counseling for juvenile offenders (Juvenile Citation recipients) and unruly non-offenders. The Juvenile Citation Program allows offenders to receive counseling as a result of violating a status or misdemeanor offense. Police officers issue citations to offenders at the scene of the violation instead of taking them into custody to Juvenile Court. The Request Counseling Program makes counseling available to unruly offenders whose parents or guardians request counseling in an effort to counteract behavioral problems which may evolve into a violation of the law. A counseling session is focused on a comprehensive assessment of the juvenile's behavior in the home, school, and community. The assessment includes an evaluation of the juvenile's substance use. Juveniles and their parents/guardians are advised of the enforcement of laws and the consequences of violating these laws. Referrals are made to other community agencies.

Telephone: (615) 862-7417

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