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Police Department Policing Project Commission Response

On August 14, 2020, Nashville Mayor John Cooper announced the creation of Metro Nashville’s Policing Policy Commission, which has been created to review use-of-force policies within the MNPD and develop necessary reforms to set a new national standard in policing and public safety.

Letter from Mayor Cooper; learn about the process and commission members

The Commission completed its work and on November 20, 2020, issued its report.  The report represents months of work and a broad community engagement effort. The commission met for more than 66 hours of deliberations and heard from nearly 40 subject matter experts who ranged from Nashvillians with lived experience to national policing experts.

Commission report; learn more about Mayor Cooper’s vision for Public Safety and Justice

Police Department Response to Policing Project Commission Report

Upon receipt of the Policing Policy Commission, the MNPD began reviewing the report and its recommendations.  As part of that process, the MNPD identified 77 action items in the report across its four sections.  The Commission provided a recommended completion timeline for each of these action items.  A summary of those items and their recommended timeline are at:

Action Items List

On January 20, 2021, Chief John Drake responded to Commission Chairs Karl Dean and Dwight Lewis with a response to the action items identified as “immediate” and expressed his commitment to achieving the four desired results as stated in the Commission report:

  1. The Police Department collaborates with residents, neighborhood associations, non-profits, faith-based institutions, business and community groups, and with other government departments and agencies.
  2. The Police Department better reflects the diversity of the city it serves at every level of the organization.
  3. The Police Department works to eliminate disparities in the application of all types of use of force and issues regular reports around the use of force, while also providing information to the Community Oversight Board to conduct its core oversight responsibility.
  4. Police Department officer training, skills, and behaviors, as well as department culture, reflect a commitment to consistent and respectful interactions with all Nashvillians, including African-Americans and other residents of color, Muslim Americans and immigrant-origin communities, and LGBTQ+ residents, as part of a concerted effort to eliminate disparities in the use of force.

Chief Drake also expressed his deep appreciation to the Commission co-chairs for their service on Mayor John Cooper's Policing Policy Commission and to all the commission members who volunteered their time to help develop a final report that can help serve as a guide for the Police Department as we move on a path to reduce the use of force, build trust across all of Nashville's neighborhoods and enhance public safety.

Chief Drake expressed his commitment that, under his leadership, the Police Department will establish a common set of core values to which all of our employees should subscribe, including collaboration with Nashville's diverse communities, an appreciation for diversity itself, respect for human dignity, and transparency.

It is with that commitment that the Police Department will continue to provide regular updates on the Police Department response to the Policing Policy Commission Report and post them here.

Response to Policing Policy Commission Report “Immediate” Action Items