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Police Department

Midtown Hills Police Precinct

Midtown Hills Precinct Building

1441 12th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203

Midtown Hills Precinct Coverage Map

Midtown Hills Back to School Breakfast

Order Crash Reports Online

Obtaining a police report for a vehicle crash in Nashville has just become much easier.

Reports can be accessed five to seven business days after the accident by entering the date of the crash, the specific police report number given to each involved motorist by an officer at the scene, and an involved party’s name. A person accessing a crash report through must certify that he/she was involved in the accident, is an attorney for an involved party, or is an insurance representative of an involved party.

Reports of crashes involving pending criminal charges and those involving fatalities will not be available from the website. Crash reports from August 2020 forward will be on-line.

Order your crash report online

MNPD Excellence and Community Outreach Overview

See what your police department is doing to engage your community.

Community Outreach Overview

Precinct Newsletters

October 2020 Newletter

Precinct Commander

Commander Dwayne Greene

Dwayne Greene


Administrative Assistant
Tiffany Hansen

Day Shift Lieutenant
Johnnie Melzoni

Evening Shift Lieutenant
Eric Snyder

Midnight Shift Lieutenant
Billy Morris

Investigative Lieutenant
Pete Dusche

Day Investigative Sergeant
Nick Falcone

Evening Investigative Sergeant
Steven Bowers

Investigative Administrative Assistant
Brandon Bradford

Police Accountability Compliance Lieutenant
Harold Burke

Community Coordinator Sergeant
Brittany McElwee

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