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Police Department

Custom Services Division of the Police Department

David Leavitt, headshot
Captain David Leavitt

The Custom Services Division is located in the Support Services Bureau of the Metro Police Department. Our division is responsible for the assistance in providing/scheduling Metropolitan Nashville Police Department police personnel for other Metro Government Departments, as well as private businesses and organizations in need of the services of off-duty police officers related to activities taking place in Nashville-Davidson County. Generally, the police services requested are for traffic control and security for businesses, parades and special events.

Secondary Employment Unit

Hiring an off duty MNPD officer

Special Events Unit

Parade Permit

A parade permit is needed if your event involves a procession, run, walk, bike ride or similar type of event. If your event additionally includes a post run/race/ride celebration on public property, you will also need to complete a special event permit application.

Special Event Permit

A special event permit is needed if your event is a festival, concert, block party or similar type of event that involves any of the following: closing a street, restricting access to public property, sale of merchandise, food or beverage, erection of a tent larger than 400 square feet, installation of a stage, band shell, grandstand, bleacher, trailer, van or portable toilets for public use. Special event permit application