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Police Department

Police Inventory Management and Supply

Steve Dixon
Manager Steve Dixon


The Inventory Management Section is responsible for maintaining accurate inventory records on fixed assets, supplies, and equipment of the entire police department. These records must be updated on a periodic basis, on location change (of each asset item), and upon management and personnel changes.

The Inventory Management Section maintains a pending file of purchase orders of incoming fixed assets, initiates a Fixed Asset Report upon receipt of goods, barcodes the assets (every item worth $150 or more), inputs the information to the Automated Records Management System (ARMS, one of the software packages used by the section for inventory management), conducts inventories, and prepares inventory reports for the Chief of Police and other reports as required.

The Supply Section works in conjunction with the Inventory Management Section to develop and maintain an adequate supply center of materials, equipment, and other expendable items as may be used in the day to day operation of the department.

The Supply Section establishes order quantities and re-order points, monitors inventory levels and re-orders as required, issues supplies, maintains a record of supplies issued, and receives and ships goods by UPS, Air Freight, etc.

The Supply Section also maintains a supply and record of standard issued items such as badges and first responder kits, which are issued to each officer that is assigned a patrol car. First responder kits contain many items, such as ammonia inhalants, band aids, a fire extinguisher, dust masks and disposable gloves, as well as traffic cones, a hammer, nails, etc. These kits are essential to helping officers respond to the many types of traumas or calls they receive.