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Police Department

Emergency Contingency Unit

Sgt. Paul Harbin

Sgt. Paul R. Harbin
Special Operations Division
Emergency Contingency Unit
3055 Lebanon Pike
P.O. Box 196399
Nashville, TN 37219
Sgt. Paul Harbin, Biography

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The mission of the Emergency Contingency Unit is to research and maintain departmental standards related to homeland security and civil unrest. The unit is responsible for developing emergency incident action plans, training, and information related to homeland security and emergency preparedness. The unit also manages equipment and provides training related to chemical, biological, radiological, and civil unrest along with conducting threat-vulnerability assessments for facilities of interest or of high value.

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The Emergency Contingency Unit responds to and assists with the mitigation of chemical, biological, radiological incidents which require the use of environmental Personal Protective Equipment. The unit also provides portable and fixed video surveillance equipment in support of our community events.

video surveillance equipment

The Emergency Contingency Unit also manages the department’s waterborne equipment and operations used for emergency responses, search and rescue missions, recovery operations, and homeland security/surveillance patrols.

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Division Motto

Duty, Integrity, Professionalism

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