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Police Department

Crisis Negotiator Team

Lt. Mickey Yentes
Lt. Mickey Yentes

Lt. Mickey Yentes
Special Operations Division
Crisis Negotiator Section
3055 Lebanon Pike
P.O. Box 196399
Nashville, TN 37219
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grayscale crisis negotiator patch

The purpose of the Crisis Negotiator Team is to assist the department in their response to emergency critical incidents. The team deploys specially equipped crisis negotiators which are trained in the techniques of negotiating a safe resolution to critical incidents. The Crisis Negotiator Team is separate from the SWAT Team but they work very close in the safe resolution of situations.

Our personnel work together with the SWAT Team on calls that involve barricaded suspects, heavy arrests, hostage takers, armed suicidal persons, and unarmed suicidal persons such as a “jumper” from a building, bridge, or similar elevated area. These unusual situations can be very difficult and unpredictable but can be effectively managed when utilizing our personnel and their crisis negotiation equipment. The team can be instrumental in safely resolving the situation and reducing the chances of injury and loss of life.

The Crisis Negotiator Team is part of the Special Operations Division, SWAT and Negotiation Section. The team is supervised by the Team Field Commander and his or her assistant. The team is divided into two units which rotate the monthly on-call status.

The Crisis Negotiator Team is focused on saving lives and reducing risks. They have proven to be a valuable tool in reducing violent acts against innocent victims and have assisted in saving lives of people who are suffering from depression, mental illness, or have temporarily lost the ability to process a traumatic moment in their life.


Division Motto

Duty, Integrity, Professionalism
Special Operations Division