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Police Department

Drill and Ceremony Team Creed

As a member of the Nashville Police Drill and Ceremony Team, my standards of conduct and level of professionalism must be above reproach, for I represent all others in the police service.

Those that came before have earned for me the right to wear the ceremonial police uniform. A distinction honored in rich tradition and history. I will honor their memory by wearing it properly and proudly.

Never will I allow my performance to be hindered by the somberness or excitement of the event, nor the discomfort of the elements. I will always stand straight, crisp, and proud.

I will remain highly motivated and conditioned so that all of my movements throughout every drill and ceremonial performance are executed with precision.

Because of my loyalty to my teammates, devotion to duty, and dedication to the City of Nashville, I shall constantly strive for perfection.

I must never forget that I have volunteered to represent every member, past and present, of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department and for the sacred duty to honor all officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. It is my heartfelt commitment that they shall never be forgotten.

By wearing this uniform I have accepted a commitment to excellence and a way of life, for the difference between professional and exceptional is the attention to detail.