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Horse Mounted Patrol

Vickie Dills

Sgt. Vickie Dills
Horse Mounted Patrol

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The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department’s Horse Mounted Patrol Unit was established in 1998. It is a full-time unit comprised of seven officers and one sergeant. The Horse Mounted Patrol is utilized by the Metro Nashville Police Department for all types of special events including Tennessee Titans games, Nashville Soccer Club games, parades, concerts, CMA Fest, and most other major events throughout Nashville. The Horse Mounted Patrol Unit patrols many communities throughout Nashville bringing a positive police presence to different neighborhoods.

Mounted Patrol Officers must spend a minimum of three years on the Metro Nashville Police Department, as a commissioned police officer before becoming eligible to apply for the Horse Mounted Patrol Unit.  When a position becomes available, eligible officers may apply. Typically, an interview and physical agility test are given to all eligible applicants. Once the officer is selected to join the Metro Nashville Horse Mounted Patrol Unit, the officer must complete a minimum of 150 riding hours to be certified as a Mounted Patrol Officer.

The Horse Mounted Patrol Unit currently uses Tennessee Walking Horses and Quarter Horses. The horses are acquired through both, donations and purchase. The horses are stabled at the Ellington Agricultural Center located at 400 Hogan Road, in Nashville, Tennessee. The stall area is generally open to the public for visits but please do not feed our horses. Some of our horses have dietary restrictions and must be fed special diets. We have had to make emergency vet visits due to citizens feeding the horses. The officers prepare the hay fields and cut their own hay, ensure the horses are fed quality grains and visit the vet regularly. The officers take pride in caring for the horses and ensure they are healthy and ready to serve Nashville’s communities.

The Horse Mounted Patrol Unit also regularly conducts many demonstrations for school groups, Citizens Police Academy, and other groups at Ellington Agricultural Center Arena. If interested in scheduling a time to bring your group for a demonstration please call the barn at 615-834-8545.

Mounted Horse Patrol group photo, 2017


Horse Patrol Photos

Officer Mizrany and Citizen Savannah
Horse Patrol