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Horse Mounted Patrol

Luke Merithew

Sgt. Lukas Merithew
Horse Mounted Patrol

Sgt. Lukas Merithew, biography

hose patrol patch

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department Horse Mounted Patrol Unit was established in 1998. The Horse Mounted Patrol is a full time unit comprised of 7 officers and 1 sergeant. The Unit uses both Tennessee Walking Horses and Quarter Horses. Horses are acquired through both donations and purchase. The Unit stables the horses at the Ellington Agricultural Center in Nashville, TN. The Horse Mounted Patrol is readily used by the police department for all types of special events including Tennessee Titans games, parades, CMA Fest, and many other major events in downtown Nashville. Also, the unit actively patrols downtown Nashville and other heavily populated areas throughout the county all year long.

To become a Mounted Patrol officer, the officer must have spent a minimum of 3 years on the police department before becoming eligible to transfer. Once eligible, the officer must complete a training schedule of a minimum of 150 riding hours to be certified as a Mounted Patrol officer. Once certified and eligible to transfer, a position must be available to be transferred full time to the unit. However, once certified the officer then becomes a member of the Auxiliary Unit which can be called upon for larger events or when needed.

Mounted Horse Patrol group photo, 2017


Horse Patrol Photos

Officer Mizrany and Citizen Savannah
Horse Patrol