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Police Department

Aggressive Driving Unit

The Aggressive Driving Unit was created to reduce the incidents of aggressive driving, road rage, traffic crashes, as well as fatal and critical crashes occurring on the interstate system. This is done by aggressively seeking out those drivers displaying the characteristics of aggressive driving and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law. The Aggressive Driving Unit was created in December of 2004. In 2016 there were 66 fatal crashes with 68 deaths; 18 of those occurred on interstate systems.

Aggressive Driving Unit vehicles

Officers are equipped with unmarked vehicles with the latest up-to-date radar and laser speed measuring devices, as well as a device that measures the distance between two vehicles.

Officer with radar detector aimed at oncoming traffic

The vehicles have on-board camera systems that capture and record an aggressive driver’s actions. Officers will follow and record the violations that constitute aggressive driving. The video recording is later used in the court of law and is paramount in the prosecution of aggressive drivers.

The video below contains an actual example of an aggressive driver. The person was driving in an aggressive manner by tailgating, speeding (85 mph in a 40 mph zone), and was unable to maintain his traffic lane due to his speed. Once the officer activated his emergency equipment the driver continued his aggressive, reckless driving, and refused to stop; resulting in a short pursuit. Once the pursuit became too dangerous the officer immediately terminated the pursuit. A short time later, the officer found the empty vehicle crashed into a pole. After a short foot pursuit, the driver was apprehended. Later it was discovered that the driver was wanted for murder stemming from a commercial robbery in Kentucky. A sawed off rifle was found in the vehicle and was recovered.