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Police Department

Crash Investigation Unit

The Crash Investigation Unit responds to all crashes that resulted in a death and/or serious bodily injury that most likely will cause the death of a driver or occupants of the vehicle.

car wrapped around tree (crash) two cars involved in head-on collision

Officers assigned to the unit are highly trained in traffic crash reconstruction. The unit uses survey equipment that assists in capturing detailed roadway and vehicle evidence.

The equipment allows investigators to document to scale the entire crash scene. Once the scene investigation is completed investigators download the captured data into a computer system that will represent the scene in still or motion imagines. This reconstruction system enables the investigators to understand the chain of events involved in the crash.

two-car crash; one car on its side alternate view of the two-car crash; one car on its side

The officers work closely with the Davidson County District Attorney’s Office during the course of their investigations. When the officers are not assigned to a crash investigation they are enforcing the traffic laws and seeking those drivers that exhibit the leading contributing factors of critical and fatal crashes.

car crashed head-on into the back of tractor trailer truck Metro Police and TDOT workers at interstate accident scene