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Harding Place Sidewalk and Pedestrian Enhancement Project

September 2016 Update

Harding Place pedestrian bridge

As we continue with Phase 2 (Nolensville Pike to I-24) of this project, we have made significant progress! The waterline installation/replacement has been completed. Excavation for retaining walls and rock fall protection is underway.

The excavation for the pedestrian bridge over 7 mile creek is complete and the new bridge is now constructed. Phase 2 also includes Metro Public Works installing approximately 1.4 miles of new sidewalk, curb and gutter.

These improvements boost quality of life for residents and strengthen communities along with helping to keep pedestrians safe and improve accessibility in this heavily traveled area.

Please be cautious while driving within the project area as one lane of traffic may be closed at intermittent times during construction. The majority of construction will occur during off-peak travel times, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to minimize disruption.

November 2015 Update

Phase 2 includes Metro Public Works installing approximately 1.4 miles (7600 feet) of new sidewalk, curb and gutter on the south side of Harding Place from Nolensville Pike to Interstate 24. All work to date on this phase is associated with utility relocations and a new 12 inch water line installation. Metro Public Works is also coordinating with NES to move several poles. This phase project completion date is summer 2016

Preliminary work is also being completed on Phase 3 of this project which spans from Danby Drive to Nolensville Pike. Metro Public Works is working with our partners at TDOT on design and environmental requirements for this phase.

June 2015 Update

Harding Place Sidewalk and Pedestrian Enhancement Project Phase 2 Slated To Begin

November 2014 Update

Harding Place Pedestrian Network Phase 1: New Sidewalk from Timberhill Drive to Danby Drive Ready for Use

3200 linear feet of sidewalk, curb and gutter has been constructed as phase 1 draws to a close. The sidewalk is complete and ready for use. Remaining work on phase 1 includes native landscaping and final inspection. Contract preparations for Phase 2 are underway.

Harding Place new sidewalk
Alternate view of new sidewalk
Additional view of new sidewalk

July 2014 Update

Harding Place is a densely populated corridor that includes a public transit route and bus stops, multiple apartment and condominium complexes, retail centers, churches, restaurants, a hospital and an elementary school, as well as established neighborhoods that will greatly benefit from these pedestrian enhancements.

The improvements will provide a safer path of travel. Project improvements include construction of new sidewalk (on the South side of Harding Place), curb and gutter, pedestrian crosswalks, pedestrian signals, water main, and a pedestrian bridge over Seven Mile Creek. This project is made possible in part through enhancement grant funds provided by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT).

Phase One Sidewalk constructionPhase One: Timberhill Drive to Danby Drive

Status: Complete

  • 3200 linear feet of sidewalk, curb and gutter
  • Storm drainage improvements including paving portion of road, curb and gutter
  • Pedestrian crosswalks and signals
  • Native landscaping
  • Construction cost estimate is $1.3 million; .8 million in TDOT Enhancement Grant funding
  • Completed Fall 2014

Phase Two: Nolensville Pike to I24

Status: Construction to begin Late February 2015

  • 7600 linear feet of sidewalk, curb and gutter (South side of Harding Place)
  • Storm drainage infrastructure improvements and retaining wall construction
  • Pedestrian bridge over Seven Mile Creek
  • Pedestrian crosswalks and signals, improved lighting
  • Construction cost is estimated $4.6 million; $1.9 million in TDOT Enhancement Grant funding; $1.0 Metro Water funding, 1.7 from Public Works
  • Anticipated construction start date: Summer 2015
  • Anticipated completion: Summer 2016
  • Prime Contractor Phase 2: Mountain State (DBA HMA)

Phase Three: Danby Drive to Nolensville Pike

Status: Planning Phase

  • 5800 linear feet of sidewalk, curb and gutter
  • Storm drainage improvements
  • Pedestrian crosswalks and signals
  • Construction cost estimate is $6 million ($4.7 million federal funds, $1.3 million local funds)
  • Anticipated construction start date: Fall 2017

Metro Public Works is responsible for the care and maintenance of Nashville and Davidson County’s streets and infrastructure. Metro currently maintains over 1,000 miles of sidewalks.

For more information, please contact the Public Works project manager at 615-880-1675.