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Litter Laws

Tennessee Litter Law

The Tennessee Litter Law is designed to help reduce some of the trash that ends up in and along our roadways. Smaller amounts of litter will be punished by a $50 fine, while larger fines are reserved for larger amounts. Offenders can mail in the payment to the county clerk or plead not guilty and face the officer in court. If the judge finds the offender guilty, the person must pay the $50 and court costs. It is hoped that this new law will encourage more enforcement, since the fines are more appropriate for the offenses, and in most cases the officer and the offender will not have to go to court. You can read the entire litter law.

Illegal Sign Removal

Signs placed on utility poles and public right of ways are unsightly and violate Metro Code.

Metro Code 17.32.050 Prohibited signs.

(F) Signs erected on public property, or on private property (such as private utility poles) located on public property, other than signs erected by public authority for public purposes or as otherwise authorized by the metropolitan council.

Metro Code 6.04.010 Prohibited on posts and poles.

It is unlawful for any person to affix in any manner any sign, placard, poster, card, banner or other indicia of the interests of any person, group or organization on any post or pole, including, but not limited to, light and telephone poles, on any street, sidewalk, thoroughfare or public right-of-way within the jurisdiction of the metropolitan government.

Help Prevent Graffiti

Graffiti Hurts
Care for your community.
Graffiti is a crime, punishable by a fine of up to $500! Report it by calling Metro's Graffiti Hotline: (615) 880 2444

Graffiti Enforcement in Action special report