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Neglected Lots

If you want to report a neglected lot you can begin the process by calling the Metro Health Department at 340-5644. You'll need to give the exact street address and describe the condition of the lot. Any complaints received at Metro beautification will be forwarded to the Health Department for clarification. That's it! Metro takes it from there.

Metro's Vacant Lots List of ShameVacant Lot

Some property owners don't care about YOUR neighborhood. You can help! Help us keep your neighborhood clean & beautiful.

Let's put a stop to lots that look like this.

Do know these property owners? Photos of neglected vacant lots.

Let's put a stop to this SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOR! Report violators to:
Metro Health Department (615) 340-5644

About the program

The Metro Beautification and Environment Commission created the Vacant Lot Tracking System in 1989 to fight the problem of neglected or abandoned properties. The program uses staff from Metro Health and Public Works to handle almost three thousand properties a year.

When a neglected lot is reported, the Health Department inspects the property and sends valid complaints to Metro Beautification. The property owner then has ten days to clean up. If he fails to do so, the case is turned over to Metro Public Works for clean up.

The entire cost is billed to the owner of the property. The minimum charge is $500 and can be as much as several thousand dollars. If charges are not paid, Metro files a lien against the property, meaning the owner cannot sell or transfer the title without paying. As a last resort, the legal department sues to collect the money. Even if the property is abandoned and auctioned off, the money is collected with the sale price.

With your help, the overgrown lot you see down the street or as you drive to work can become part of the neighborhood again. Working together, we can make sure Nashville continues to be a great place to live.