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Metro Nashville Public School Recycling

Metro Nashville Public School System has a recycling program through its contract with Allied Waste and schools has recycling dumpsters.

If your recycling dumpster needs to be emptied, please call the MNPS Operation Department at 615-922-3020.

What can be recycled at MNPS schools

  • Download a recycling flyer to post in classrooms
  • ALL PAPER: office paper, magazines, junk mail, newspaper, computer paper, notebook paper, phone books, paperback books, construction paper, brown paper bags
  • ALL BOXES: milk cartons (empty), cardboard boxes, food boxes (clean - no food), .All boxes should be broken down and placed in the recycling dumpster.
  • ALL PLASTIC CONTAINERS #1-7: drink bottles and their caps, detergent & cleaner bottles and their caps, yogurt/cottage cheese and other dairy "tubs" and their lids (please empty containers)
  • ALL METAL CANS: food and drink cans (please empty cans)

How to have a successful school recycling program

  • Decide HOW to recycle:
    Place a recycling box next to each trash can in classrooms and offices. In some schools, students have decorated used cardboard boxes for this purpose.
  • Communicate WHAT to recycle:
    The MNPS contract for recycling is for ALL PAPER and ALL BOXES. Download a recycle flyer to post in each classroom and office.
  • Decide WHO will pick up the recycling:
    Many schools have organized Recycling Teams to pick up the recycling on a regular schedule. This provides students will a real job and gives them the opportunity to participate in school life and gain a sense of accomplishment.
  • MOTIVATE your recyclers and CELEBRATE your recycling success!
    Metro Beautification can provide you with small prizes and certificates for your recycling team! Email us about your recycling team, and send photos if you would like them to be included on our website.
  • Recycling Education Programs - Metro Beautification offers programs for all ages, K-12.
  • Free field trip to the Recycling Center - Come see where the stuff you recycle goes and what happens to it.