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Public Works Information for Developers

Public Works is responsible for managing public infrastructure including but not limited to streets, traffic and parking, ramps, curbs, sidewalks, address assignments, and waste management.

The Development Services Division provides consultant design review services; construction inspection services; excavation and grading permits; maintains right-of-way/easement records; and acts as public custodian for Davidson County’s official street and alley map.

Although Public Works reviews plans in coordination with the planning and building permit process, separate Public Works permits are required for any activity within the public right-of-way.

Development Services Links

Solid Waste


Plan Review for Building Permits, Grading Permits, and Planning Commission

Ben York – 615-862-8758

Traffic Impact Studies

Jon Boghozian – 615-862-8689

Solid Waste and Recycling

Ben York – 615-862-8758

Permits, Ramp Curb and Sidewalk Inspections

Phone: 615-862-8782

Subdivision Inspections

Tim O’Brien – 615-862-8774

Jon McPherson – 615-862-8761

Street Address Assignments

Sara Cain – 615-880-2427

Bonnie Crumby – 615-862-8781

Street Light Requests

Maintenance/New Street Light

hubNashville - 615-862-5000

Development Construction Coordination

Chris Gregory - 615-880-1678