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Public Works

Public Works Education Programs

Metro Public Works provides waste reduction education programs for the community. Below is a description of each program and a link to our registration form. Programs for schools are closely tied to MNPS academic standards.

Curby's Recycling Roadshow (great for schools) is a 30-45 minute long interactive presentation in the classroom on how to reduce, reuse and recycle. Students learn how to put these practices in place at home and at school. The program wraps up with students going back to the first 2R's (reduce and reuse) through a related art project. Request the Curby Recycling Roadshow program.

Visit the Recycling Education Station at our local Material Recovery Facility (MRF) to learn about how to reduce, reuse and recycle. See what happens to your recyclables when you put them in your residential recycling cart or take them to a recycling drop-off site. Students will participate in an interactive presentation, go through hands-on learning stations in the classroom and get to view the MRF in action. Learn more about the Recycling Education Station field trip. Request the Recycling Education Station program.

Reducing Food Waste at your school can involve a student led food waste audit of the school, working with a Metro contractor to collect the schools food waste or adopting a compost bin as a science project. The Dirt on Composting is a great compliment to this program. Learn more about how to reduce your school's food waste.

Music City Students Pick-up is a 15-20 minute interactive presentation on the importance of not littering and picking up waste on our school grounds and community. After the presentation, Metro Public Works will provide gloves, bags and other supplies to the students to use during the "pickup" around the school. Students will be separate trash and recycling, weight the material and report back to Public Works to receive a prize made from reused materials. Request the Music City Students Pick-up program.

Waste Reduction 101 is an overview on the importance of waste reduction and ways that waste reduction can be met: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! This will touch on each area for waste reduction, what Public Works is doing and what resources are available city-wide. This program is great for neighborhood and civic groups and businesses. Request a Waste Reduction speaker.

The Dirt on Composting teaches simple ways to start backyard composting. This program includes the process of composting, different bins, methods and what you can (and can't) compost at home. It also includes information about free drop-off locations in Davidson County. This program is available for schools, neighborhoods, and community groups. School groups will have a composting art project included in the workshop. *standards tie to math and science Request the Dirt on Composting program.


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