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Public Works

Metro Neighborhood Traffic Management Program

Police officer using a radar gun for traffic controlThe Metro Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (MNTMP) is designed to help mitigate the effects of speeding and cut-through traffic in residential neighborhoods. As major roadways and intersections in Nashville become more congested, frustrated motorists often resort to using local residential streets to bypass congestion.

The MNTMP represents the continual effort and commitment of Metro to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood areas. Metro Public Works, along with other agencies such as the Metro Planning Department and the Metro Police Department, are working together to find solutions for accommodating growth in a way that can protect neighborhoods from the negative impacts of traffic.

The program helps provide Nashville area neighborhoods with a process for identifying and addressing problems related to speeding motorists, excessive traffic volumes and overall concern for safety on residential streets. Neighborhood residents participate in developing and evaluating the various requirements, benefits and trade-offs of traffic calming techniques and devices within their own neighborhood and become actively involved in the decision-making process. To speak with someone in the Metro Neighborhood Traffic Management Program, please call our call center at 615-862-8750.

The MNTMP involves:

  • Education
  • Enforcement
  • Neighborhood Involvement
  • Engineering
  • Traffic calming techniques and devices