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Home Compost Demonstration Site

 Backyard Composting Demonstration Site showcasing a variety of home composters

Metro’s Backyard Composting Demonstration Site showcases a variety of home composters. Visitors may pick up a self-tour brochure at the office and walk through the site to examine the compost bins.

Visit the home demonstration site at:
Omohundro Convenience Center
1019 Omohundro Drive, Nashville, TN 37210.
Regular Hours: Tues. - Sat., 8:30am - 4:30p.m. Need directions? call 615-880-1955

Classes and group tours can be scheduled by calling 615-880-2419 or send an email request

Composters on display at the Home Composting Demonstration Site

Green ConeDigesters

Digesters are partially buried in the ground. Food waste ONLY including meat and fatty waste can be added and the material will digest into the ground. Digesters are the only type of backyard composter that do not produce compost.

Back Yard TumblerBatch Composters

Batch Composters sit above the ground and turn, crank or tumble. Batch composters require food and yard waste to be collected, put in the batch composter and then let to “cook” until the batch is complete. While this is going on, food and yard waste must be saved for the next batch.

Earth MachineOn Ground Composters

On Ground Composters sit directly on the ground so that worms and other decomposers can come up from the soil to assist in the composting process. On ground composters allow food and yard waste to decompose in a controlled, contained environment.

How to purchase an Earth Machine.