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Street Pole Banners

Pole Banner Metro Nashville’s street pole banner program allows organizations the opportunity to advertise cultural, entertainment, artistic and sporting events or other matters of public interest.

Application Process

Applications to the Street Pole Banner Program and any questions should be directed to:

Banner Permits
Phone: 615-862-8769
Email: Paula Underwood

Street Pole Banner Application

Applicants should complete the online application and select the Street Pole Banner Groups. Banner poles will not be reserved until the completed application and payment is received. Organizations are encouraged to submit applications no later than six weeks prior to the date they wish banners to be hung. All reservations are on a first come, first served basis and reservations can be made up to 12 months in advance. Reservations are not confirmed until the application and payment has been received.

Banners should be scheduled to hang no more than two weeks prior to the advertised event and removed within one week after the close of the event.

Banner Groups

Nashville's street pole banners are arranged in groups. Below are maps showing where the groups are located and the number of poles within each group. Each pole can hang two banners.

Map of all Groups

Individual Group Maps:

  • Group 1 - 37 Poles - Deaderick Street from 3rd Ave N. to 6th Ave N. and 6th Ave N. from Charlotte Ave. to Union St.
  • Group 2 - 26 Poles - Streets surrounding Bridgestone Arena
  • Group 3 - 28 Poles - 2nd Ave N. from Broadway to Union St.
  • Group 4 - 11 Poles - Broadway from 1st Ave to 5th Ave
  • Group 5 - 10 Poles - 4th Ave N. from Church St. to Union St.
  • Group 6 - 22 Poles - Streets surrounding the Historic Metro Courthouse
  • Group 7 - 26 Poles - Demonbreun St. from 9th Ave S. to 12th Ave S.
  • Group 8 - 44 Poles - Demonbreun St. from I40 to, and including, the roundabout
  • Group 9 - 25 Poles - 12th Ave S. from Ashwood Ave. to Kirkwood Ave.
  • Group 10 - 14 Poles - Jefferson St. from Rosa L. Parks Blvd. to 10th Ave N.
  • Group 11 - 19 Poles - Jefferson St. from 10th Ave N. to 12th Ave N.
  • Group 12 - 27 Poles - Jefferson St. from 12th Ave N. to Dr. DB Todd Blvd.
  • Group 13 - 23 Poles - Jefferson St. from Dr. DB Todd Blvd. to I40
  • Group 14 - 18 Poles - Jefferson St. from I40 to 28th Ave N.
  • Group 15 - 21 Poles - Hermitage Ave. from Korean Veterans Blvd. to Lindsley Ave.
  • Group 16 - 28 Poles - Church S. from 9th Ave N. to 13th Ave N.
  • Group 17 - 45 Poles - Korean Veterans Blvd from the bridge to the roundabout
  • Group 18 - 16 Poles - Roundabout by the Music City Center
  • Group 19 - 22 Poles - Demonbreun St. from 2nd Ave S. to 8th Ave S. (excluding the poles around Bridgestone Arena) and 4th Ave S. from Demonbruen to Symphony Pl.
  • Group 20 - 15 Poles - 46th Av. and Murphy Rd Roundabout
  • Group 21 - 3 Poles - 5th Ave. from Korean Veterans Blvd. to Demonbreun
  • Group 22 - 18 Poles - Woodland Street Bridge
  • Group 23 - 9 Poles - Edgehill Ave and Villa Place


The applicant is responsible for all costs associated with the production of the banners and may use any company they wish. See the Banner Construction Specifications Guide for detailed specifications. There is a $12 per pole fee for the installation and removal of the banners and a processing fee of $100. The fee is payable at the time of the application and the reservations will not be confirmed until payment has been received. Make checks payable and mail to:

Metro Public Works - Banner Program
Attention: Paula Underwood
740 South 5th Street
Nashville, TN 37206

Artwork Approval Process

The applicant must submit camera ready banner artwork and pay all related fees at least six (6) weeks prior to the date the applicant wishes banners to be hung. If artwork and fees are not delivered within this time frame, the reservation will be forfeited and the Mayor's Office of Film & Special Events has the right to rent the poles to another group. Normally artwork is approved within five (5) working days of being submitted. The applicant can order banners from any company they choose. The company must follow the specification outlined in the Banner Construction Specifications Guide.

Banners are not meant to be used as an advertisement of a business, product or other private or personal message. Banners will be restricted to organizations advertising special cultural, entertainment, artistic and sporting events or other matters of public interest. The event being advertised must be the dominant message on the banner with any message from the corporate sponsor covering a minor portion of the banner's surface. Banner size and fabrication must be in compliance with the requirements outlined in the Banner Construction Specifications Guide and all other applicable laws and regulations.

Banner Delivery and Pick up

Banners must be delivered to the following address at least one full week prior to proposed installation date. Applicants must call before delivering the banners to set up an appointment:

Paula Underwood: 615-862-8769
Metro Public Works
740 South 5th Street
Nashville, TN 37206

Metro Public Works will do everything in their power to place banners on the proposed date. Emergency situations will take precedents and may involve vehicles normally used to hang banners.

Banners must be picked up at Metro Public Works within 30 days of removal. Any banners left longer than 30 days will be disposed of or destroyed.