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Street Maintenance and Improvement

Our Street Maintenance and Improvement Division staff maintains over 2,200 miles of rights-of-way and 942 signalized intersections throughout Davidson County, including the care of regulatory signs for 276 miles of state highways.

Transportation Signal Tech

The division is responsible for two very visible programs: The Roadway Maintenance Program and The Traffic Signals, Signs, and Marking Maintenance Program.

Roadway Maintenance Program

The services provided under the Roadway Maintenance Program include pavement maintenance, guardrail installation and repair, sidewalk repairs, street cleaning, litter removal, alley maintenance, mowing and trimming vegetation on public rights-of-way, and vacant lot cleanup. Maintenance routes and schedules

Traffic Signals, Signs, and Markings Maintenance Program

The services provided by the Traffic Signals, Signs, and Markings Maintenance Program include signal maintenance and repair, pavement marking installation and refurbishment, sign installation and repair, and installation and oversight of approximately 50,000 street lights within Davidson County. If you know of a street light that is out, flickering, or staying on all day, please let us know.

Report street light issues

Other emergency services provided by the Streets and Roads Division include roadway snow and ice removal; hazardous material, biohazard and Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) response; signal outage repairs; regulatory sign damage repair; and barricade placements to divert traffic from dangerous situations.