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Metro Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

school bus driving on two-lane road

In general, Metro’s public streets meet engineering standards for safe operation. Unfortunately, streets increasingly carry more traffic than they were designed to, were often built without pedestrian or cyclist accommodations, and some drivers do not operate responsibly on the streets.

The Metro Traffic Calming Program is designed to identify, prioritize, and help mitigate the undesirable effects of traffic in residential neighborhoods. The most common goals for traffic calming projects are:

  1. lower traffic speeds, and
  2. safer street accommodations for non-drivers.

Traffic calming represents the continual effort and commitment of Metro to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Metro Public Works, along with other agencies such as the Metro Planning Department and the Metro Police Department, work together to assist neighbors to keep our streets safe for all users. Recommended improvements should be an enhancement to each neighborhood and projects are therefore developed in concert with residents.

In order to provide a fair evaluation of a very high number of neighborhoods desiring to participate, applications for traffic calming are accepted only during specified times.The next neighborhood traffic calming application period will be July 5, 2021 through July 30, 2021.

While we will still be accepting applications this winter, the program is currently under a spending freeze so we may not be collecting data and selecting neighborhoods directly after the application period closes. In addition, Metro Public Works is encouraging residents to review the Traffic Calming Applications on File before submitting a new application. If your neighborhood street is already on file, you do not need to submit an additional application for consideration into the program.

To apply for traffic calming in your neighborhood during specified times, you may email applications to

To request a speed trailer visit hubNashville.

To request speed enforcement by a police officer, please contact the Police Department Traffic Division at 615-862-7738.

Traffic Calming Concepts

Neighborhood traffic calming concepts are posted for resident review. Please note that these are not final plans and may change slightly prior to installation.