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Public Works

Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Guidelines

  1. Certain procedures shall be followed by Public Works when processing neighborhood traffic management requests. Implementation must be made in accordance with applicable Metropolitan Government codes and related policies, and within the limits of available resources. At a minimum, the procedures shall provide for:
    • submittal of concerns from an established neighborhood association;
    • an application;
    • an evaluation by staff of conditions;
    • neighborhood participation in a traffic team;
    • a process indicating that a minimum 67 percent of the affected residents within the total neighborhood boundaries established by the program are in favor of the traffic management solutions devised by the Traffic Team; ans
    • neighborhood participation in planning and development.
    Metro Public Works will communicate any test results and specific findings to area residents and affected neighborhoods.
  2. All traffic management program design and installation costs will be the responsibility of Public Works with the exception of any needed right-of-way, easement or landscaping maintenance requirements. The cost of these items will be the responsibility of the neighborhood. The installation of landscape features will require that a defined neighborhood group or association execute an agreement with the Metropolitan Government to provide permanent ongoing landscape maintenance services.
  3. A “Traffic Team” made up of two to five neighborhood members and a representative from Metro Public Works will meet to select appropriate techniques and set realistic program goals. The team will reach a consensus on appropriate traffic management strategies that will be taken to the entire neighborhood by way of an approval process. Residents participate by helping Public Works staff understand the particular needs of their neighborhood. Working together, Public Works and neighborhood residents explore the various requirements, benefits and trade-offs of traffic management techniques.
  4. If at a later date, removal of any traffic management devices is requested, the group requesting the removal may be required to share the cost associated with the removal. The roadway must be left in a condition that meets Public Works approval and standards. The neighborhood association may apply for the traffic management devices to be removed. This process will be just as was required for installation. A 67 percent approval by all affected members of the neighborhood is required.