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Traffic Signal Timing Optimization

There are approximately 850 traffic signals in Metro Nashville. Some are in more isolated locations and operate independently, but most are along busier corridors close to other traffic signals. In order to progress traffic efficiently along city streets, Metro Public Works engineers coordinate and optimize the functions of these signals.

Studies have shown that the traffic improvement with one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) is signal re-timing. We try to comprehensively study and update Nashville’s signals every three to five years, as funding allows. The last comprehensive re-timing was in 2017 and resulted in an overall travel time decrease of 11 percent. In terms of monetized time savings, that’s $75 million, or an ROI of 38:1.

2016 Countywide Signal Timing Optimization - Summary

For more information, contact the Traffic Engineering Division at 615-862-5000.

Updated traffic signal map