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Register of Deeds Document Codes

Explanation Glossary

Abbreviation Document Name Report Category
AFF-LG Affidavit and Large Drawing Warranty Deed
AFF-MED Affidavit and Medium Drawing Warranty Deed
AFF-SM Affidavit and Small Drawing Warranty Deed
AFFIDAVIT Affidavit Warranty Deed
AGRMTASUM Assumption Agreement Trust Deed
AGRMTPART Partnership Agreement Warranty Deed
AGRMTTRUST Agreement Trust Trust Deed
AGRMTWARR Agreement Pertaining to Title Warranty Deed
APTSUBTR Appointment of Substitute Trustee Trust Deed
APTSUBTRMD Appointment of Substitute Trustee Master Deeds Trust Deed
BB Bond Book (Prior Recording System) Warranty Deed
BILLSALE Bill of Sale Warranty Deed
BNKRPT Bankruptcy (Orders of, Petitions) Lien
BYLAWS Bylaws, Condominium and others Warranty Deed
CERTAXCLR Certificate of Tax Clearance Release
CERTCOR Surveyors Certificate of Correction Warranty Deed
CERTIFICATE Certificates (Birth, Death, Etc) Warranty Deed
CERTAXCLR Certificate of Tax Clearance Release
CERTMETH Certificate of Fitness Warranty Deed
CH Charters (Prior Recording System) Charter
CHARTER Charters Charter
CHARTERFOREIGN Charter from another state Charter
CONTRACT Contract for Sale of Property Warranty Deed
DB Deed Books (Prior Recording System) Warranty Deed
DEEDDIV Divorce Decree Transferring Property Warranty Deed
DEEDINST Installment Deed Warranty Deed
DEEDMAST Master Deed Warranty Deed
DEEDMASTDC Master Deed Declaration of Condominium Warranty Deed
DEEDQC Quit-Claim Deed Warranty Deed
DEEDTIMBER Timber Deed Warranty Deed
DEEDTRS Trustees Deed (Also Substitute Trustees Deed) Warranty Deed
DEEDTRSMD Trustees Deed for Master Deed Warranty Deed
DEEDWARR Warranty Deed Warranty Deed
DEEDWARRSP Special Warranty Deed Warranty Deed
DOT Deed of Trust Trust Deed
DOTAMEND Deed of Trust Amendment Trust Deed
DOTASSN Deed of Trust Assignment Trust Deed
DOTMODAGR Deed of Trust Modification Agreement Trust Deed
DOTNOTE Deed of Trust Note Trust Deed
DOTSUBAGR Deed of Trust Subordination Agreement Trust Deed
ELBO Elected Officials Bond Book Bond
ESMT Easement Warranty Deed
EXPUNGE Court Ordered Expungement Warranty Deed
FL Federal Tax Lien Lien
FORECLOSURE Foreclosure Notice Warranty Deed
GREENBELT Greenbelt Tax Certificate Warranty Deed
JDGMT Judgment Judgment
JDGMTASSN Assignment of Judgment Proceeds Judgment
LEASE Lease Warranty Deed
LEASEBB Lease Billboard Warranty Deed
LEASECT Lease Cellular Tower Warranty Deed
LIENASSN Assignment of Lien Lien
LIENCVWARR General Sessions Civil Warrant Lien Lien
LIENFTL Federal Tax Lien Lien
LIENFTLSUB Federal Tax Lien Subordination Agreement Lien
LIENLWD Labor and Workforce Development Lien Lien
LIENMISC Miscellaneous Lien (M & M, Etc) Lien
LIENPRPTX Deferred Property Tax Lien Lien
LIENSTL State Tax Lien Lien
MD Military Discharge (Prior Recording System) Military Discharge
METRO Metro Gov’t Liens (Demo, UHH, Letters, Etc) Lien
MILDIS Military Discharge Military Discharge
MINERALINT Mineral Interest Mineral Interest
MISCNOTICE Documents Not Fitting Defined Type Warranty Deed
ML Miscellaneous Lien (Prior Recording System) Lien
NC Notice of Completion (Prior Recording System) Notice of Completion
NOC Notice of Completion Notice of Completion
NOTICEMETH Notice and Order of Quarantine Warranty Deed
NTC Non-Taxable Certificate (State Tax Statement) Release
NUU Notice of Underground Utilities Notice Underground Utility
ORDER Court Order Warranty Deed
ORDINANCE Metro Clerk Ordinance Warranty Deed
PERMITSNOTICE Notice of On-Hold Permits Plat
PLANNINGCO Combined Parcels Warranty Deed
PLANNINGSP Split Parcels Warranty Deed
PLAT-LG Large Subdivision Plat Plat
PLAT-MED Medium Subdivision Plat Plat
PLAT-SM Small Subdivision Plat Plat
PLATNOTICE Notice of Hold on Plat Plat
POA Power of Attorney Power of Attorney
RB Release Book (Prior Recording System) Release
REL Release of Lien Release
RELBOND Bond of Discharge Lien Release
RELFTL Release of Federal Tax Lien Release
RELLWD Release of Labor and Workforce Development Lien Release
RELPART Partial Release Release
RELREST Release of Restrictive Covenant Warranty Deed
RELSTL Release of State Tax Lien Release
RELTNCARE TennCare Release Release
REST Restrictive Covenants Warranty Deed
RESTREE Tree Restriction Warranty Deed
ROS Report of Sale of Property for Taxes (C & M) Warranty Deed
ROSNOTICE Notice of Report of Sale Warranty Deed
ROSSHER Sheriff's Deed Warranty Deed
ROW Right of Way Sidewalk Warranty Deed
TB Trust Book (Prior Recording System) Trust Deed
UCCFS Financing Statement Against Person Property UCC
UCCFSAMN Amendment to Personal Property UCC Filing UCC
UCCFSASN Assignment of Person Property UCC Filing UCC
UCCFSCON Continuation of Personal Property UCC Filing UCC
UCCFSREL Release of Personal Property UCC Filing UCC
UCCFX Financing Statement Against Real Estate UCC
UCCFXAMN Amendment to Real Estate UCC Filing UCC
UCCFXASN Assignment of Real Estate UCC Filing UCC
UCCFXCON Continuation of Real Estate UCC Filing UCC
UCCFXREL Release of Real Estate UCC Filing UCC
UCCFXSUB Subordination of Real Estate UCC Filing UCC
UCCFXFS Financing Statement covering Personal Prop and Real Estate UCC
UCCFXFSAMN Amendment to Personal Prop and Real Estate UCC Filing UCC
UCCFXFSASN Assignment of Personal Prop and Real Estate UCC Filing UCC
UCCFXFSCON Continuation of Personal Prop and Real Estate UCC Filing UCC
UCCFXFSREL Release of Personal Prop and Real Estate UCC Filing UCC
WILL Last Will and Testament Warranty Deed