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Staff Directory

Banniza, Tony
Information and Research
Beck, Elinor
Indexing, Cashiering
Brookshire, Connie
Administrative Assistant
Brown, Clara
Cannon, Kenny
Information Technology, Information and Research, Scanning, Disposition
Chandler, Linda
Cashiering, Indexing, Receptionist,
Coats, Tara
Erickson, Elaine
Team Leader, Indexing
Frazer, Tami
Team Leader, Cashiering
Garrett, Boyd
Disposition, Scanning, Information and Research
Hill, Rebecca
Deputy Register
Hill, Tim
Team Leader, Information and Research
Hite, Abby
Cashiering, Indexing, Receptionist
Jaramillo, Art
Indexing, Information and Research, Cashiering, Disposition
Johnson, Vicki
Indexing, Cashiering, Receptionist
Lampley, Kenneth
Information and Research
LeGate, Kim
Chief Deputy of Operations
Mayhew, Fran
Cashiering, Indexing, Information and Research
Moore, Steve
Chief Deputy of Information Technology
Overton, Raymond
Scanning, Disposition
Ratcliff, Lee Ann
Santos, Jessica
Sealy, Tom
Information Technology / Computer Systems Administration
Snyder, Charles
Chief Deputy of Finance
Sweeney, Aisha
Deputy Register
Ward, Jennifer
Information and Research, Indexing, Receptionist
Wells, Brandi
Cashiering, Scanning, Indexing, Disposition, Information and Research