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Register of Deeds Job Descriptions

Most Register of Deeds employees are cross-trained meaning they can perform a variety of duties. Cross-training gives the office more flexibility in deploying personnel.


The receptionist is responsible for directing all clients that visit the office as well as answering and routing all telephone calls. The receptionist also has various other administrative duties.


In the document recording phase each document is reviewed for correct recording information. If the document meets all recording requirements then the information is entered into our document recording system. A barcode containing the recording information is placed on the first page of each document. The information from documents that don’t meet recording requirements is entered into a separate computer system for rejections. The documents are then returned to the customer for correction.


In this phase, all documents are scanned into the document recording system and checked for image legibility.


Document disposition is the last phase of the recording process. In this phase, all barcodes are scanned once again to make sure the document is properly stored in the system. Documents are then placed in file boxes to be picked up or they are mailed back to the customer.


The document indexing phase is where all information necessary to find the document is entered into the computer system. Entry of different fields is required for different document types. The information is keyed into the system by employees in data entry and is keyed again by employees in quality assurance. This re-key verification is the best method to insure the accuracy of the index data.

Information and Research

The document information and research staff is responsible for assisting clients with obtaining whatever information they need. The information clerks assist clients in the office as well as over the telephone. The assistance required may range from obtaining a copy of a deed to getting trained on how to use the office computer system. All regular clients, mainly title searchers, are assisted by the print center clerk who is also a member of the information and research team.