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Transfer & Mortgage Tax Refund Procedure

The State Department of Revenue is the only authorized agency which can refund an overpayment of Realty Transfer & Mortgage Tax. To request a refund you will need to include the following items:
  1. Copies of the instruments filed.
  2. Receipt’s showing taxes paid on the instruments filed.
  3. A brief statement as to the basis for the refund.
  4. A completed Claim of Refund Form.
  5. For any refund in excess of $200 a completed Report of Debt form is required.

The request should be mailed to the State Department of Revenue at the following address:

State of Tennessee
Department of Revenue
Andrew Jackson State Office Bldg
500 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37242

If you need further assistance please call 615-741-0443.

Claim for refund

Report of Debts