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Filing with the Register of Deeds by Mail

All mail is processed as it is received by the Register of Deeds office. The recording cashiers review each document for recording requirements. Documents that do not meet the requirements are mailed back to the sender with a detailed explanation. Documents meeting recording requirements are entered into the document recording system. The documents are then scanned, checked for image clarity, and returned by mail or stored in a file box for pickup by the customer.

Documents Sent by USPS

Davidson County Register of Deeds
PO Box 196398
Nashville, TN 37219

Documents Sent by Courier

Davidson County Register of Deeds
501 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37203

Important Note

A self addressed stamped envelope is required for all documents processed by mail. If return postage is not provided, the documents will be put in a file box for the customers to pick up.