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Davidson County Register of Deeds Remote Filing Service

The remote filing eRecording services are Internet based sites that allow users to create a transaction containing as many or few documents as desired and post them to the Register of Deeds office for recording.

Utilizing your computer and hardware a transaction is initiated from your location and sent to the Register of Deeds office for recording via our eRecording partners and the Internet. The original document never leaves your office.

The programs are very user friendly and easily mastered. ACH transfer is the payment type used by these systems. For a list of our eRecording Partners see the link below.

A Certificate of Authenticity must be attached to each document submitted for recording thru eRecording.
TCA 66-24-101(d) (3). For an example of a Certificate of Authenticity see the link below.

If you have any questions call or email Tom Sealy at 615-862-6768 or