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Officer of the Month: Eric Coppess
Employee of the Month: Tyler Boddy

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Officer of the Year: Morris Craven
Employee of the Year: Anthony Cobb
Ambassador of the Year: Laura Sanderson


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Phone Scam Information

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July 2019: Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall is warning Nashvillians to watch out for scammers who are using the sheriff's name in their scheme.

According to Karla West, Chief of Staff/Communications of the Nashville/Davidson County Sheriff's Office, scammers have been successful in convincing people that they will be arrested in they don't put thousands of dollars on Kroger rechargeable cards.

In previous schemes of this type, West said scammers said a deputy from the DCSO was involved; but, this time, in their intimidation of arrest, the schemers are saying it is the sheriff who will arrest those who don't comply.

The sheriff has received about half a dozen calls this past week from citizens who have fallen for this scam because the schemers use the sheriff's name when threatening arrest.

In on case, West said, $6,000 was put on one cards and $3,000 on another. The $6,000 incident occurred Wednesday evening.

The sheriff's spokeswoman said the sheriff's office, nor any other government agency, will ever demand payment over the phone.

West added that the sheriff is working closely with the Metro Police Department in this investigation.

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