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Sober Ride

Sober Ride Program

The Sober Ride project aims to save lives and is supported by Davidson County Sheriff's Office (DCSO) employee volunteers. These volunteers will provide free, safe, and sober rides home to those ringing in the New Year and on St. Patrick's Day!

All drivers are sheriff’s office employees and many of the more than 100 volunteers have made Sober Ride their New Year’s Eve or St. Patrick's Day tradition. Drivers will take people home or to a hotel, not to another party or bar, and serves Davidson County only. No reservations accepted.

“I encourage everyone who is celebrating in Nashville to enjoy themselves; however, the most important decision you can make this holiday – or any day for that matter – is to not drink and drive. Anyone drinking this New Year’s Eve should choose a sober ride, arrive home safely, and stay out of our jail.”Sheriff Daron Hall