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Steering Clear Driver License Diversion Program

“Steering Clear” is a driver’s license diversion program that interrupts the harmful cycle of debt, arrest and the deeper debt created by driver’s license violations. Steering Clear helps individuals restore their drivers licenses. Our solutions offer the individuals a chance to get their license.

By participating in Steering Clear, the individual will have the option to get their license by discussing their reinstatement requirements and completing what is needed with the assistance of our citations specialist. Another option is to attend a drivers class or perform community service work to take care of the present citation; our specialist will still review the individuals requirements with them and guide them thru the process to get their license.

Our main objective is for everyone to have a license, this will end endless cycles of arrest, court involvement and increased debt produced by traditional criminal prosecution.

Contact Information

408 2nd Avenue North
Suite #1130
Nashville TN 37201