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800 2nd Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37201



  • Renee Pratt, Executive Director
  • Dinah Gregory, Director of Planning, Coordination & Social Data Analysis
  • Demitria Vaughn, Director of Programs
  • Lisa Ricketts, Chief Financial Officer
  • Judy Tackett, Homelessness Commission


Program Contact(s) Phone Number
Indigent Burial Program Carol Wilson, Program Manager 615-862-6458
Family Support Program Lonnie Wade, Program Manager 615-862-6432
Homeless Program Giovanni Achoe, Program Manager 615-880-2526
Planning and Coordination Dinah Gregory, Director of Planning & Coordination 615-862-6494
Senior Nutrition Program Carol Wilson, Program Manager 615-880-2292
Homelessness Commission Judy Tackett, Homelessness Commission 615-880-2360