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Local Housing Campaign

The Homelessness Commission launched the How's Nashville campaign in 2013 to foster collaboration in our community to end chronic homelessness. The purpose of this local campaign is to foster collaboration among stakeholders from the nonprofit, business, faith-based, and government sectors. How's Nashville partners started our community's coordinated entry effort and focused on housing placement rate and the retention of housing for individuals and families experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. The Homeless Impact Division still has a How's Nashville Fund that helps pay for move-in costs of people experiencing homelessness who transition into their own apartment.

How's Nashville was an initiative connected with the Built for Zero campaign, a national effort by an organization called Community Solutions that assists local leaders who work on ending homelessness. By aligning ourselves with national efforts like these, we were able to build a collaborative movement with more than 30 community partners that still work together to improve our local coordinated entry process.

Our partners believe that homelessness can be solved if we, as a community:

  • Work together;
  • Utilize the resources we already have in a more collaborative and outcome-oriented manner;
  • Monitor our progress and become more data-driven; and
  • Search for more resources using data.

How's Nashville volunteer surveying homeless person