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Homeless Counts

The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires larger municipalities to conduct an annual Point-In-Time (PIT) count, which is conducted at the end of January. In Nashville, the Metropolitan Housing and Development Agency (MDHA) implements the PIT count utilizing volunteers who scan the streets of Nashville for an outdoor count and collecting data from local shelters during the same night.

Nashville PIT Counts:

2014 - 2,301 people (2,094 shelter count and 207 outdoor count)

2013 - 2,335 people (2,085 shelter count and 250 outdoor count)

2012 - 2,224 people (1,864 shelter count and 360* outdoor count)

2011 - 2,245 people (1,885 shelter count and 360 outdoor count)

2010 - 2,321 people (1,982 shelter count and 339 outdoor count)

2009 - 2,168 people (1,770 shelter count and 398 outdoor count)

*In 2012, HUD did not require an outdoor count. Therefore, Nashville added the previous year's numbers as an estimated outdoor count.