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Planning & Coordination - Social Data Analysis

The purpose of Planning & Coordination is to benefit the community by anticipating future issues and service needs based on the evolving community and providing information to facilitate development of the most effective and coordinated social/human service infrastructure for Davidson County.

The Metropolitan Charter (Sec. 11.1102) assigns Metro Social Services the duty of making social investigations, engaging in study and research regarding the cause of financial dependency and methods of treating such dependency, and these are provided through the annual Community Needs Evaluations, issue papers, newsletters, etc.

Planning & Coordination of Metropolitan Social Services identifies social/human service community needs, provides information and consultation. The success of planning, coordination and implementation depends on the engagement of local, state and federal agencies, along with nonprofit organizations, working together in a concerted manner.

Improving the system of social/human services for those in need requires the coordinated efforts of multiple entities because no organization can do it all and no organization can do it alone. This process provides Davidson County with the opportunity to make lasting and meaningful improvements in the way services are provided to persons in need.

Contact Person Phone
Abdelghani Barre, Social Data Analyst
(Workforce & Economic Opportunity)
Lee Stewart, Social Data Analyst
(Housing & Neighborhoods)
Julius Witherspoon, Social Data Analys
(Food & Nutrition, Long-Term Services & Supports-Senior/Adult)

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