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Metro Social Services Community Needs Evaluations

Beginning in 2009, Metropolitan Social Services-Planning & Coordination completed a series of Community Needs Evaluations. The community evaluation process is a data-based process of monitoring and reporting that will be replicated on a regular basis to involve the public and private sectors in ongoing community-wide efforts to identify and address the needs of low-income Davidson County residents.

The 2009 Community Needs Evaluation focused on the policy areas of Workforce & Economic Opportunity, Food & Nutrition, Housing, Home & Community Based Services and Transportation. In 2010, 2011 and 2012, the policy areas expanded to Child Care, Food, Health, Housing, Neighborhood Development, Workforce Development and Home & Community Based Services-Adults/Seniors. The 2011 and 2012 editions also describes the importance of using evidence-based practices and includes examples for each policy area. Recent years include Aging & Disability, Food & Nutrition, Health & Human Development, Housing & Neighborhoods and Workforce & Economic Opportunity.

Community Needs Evaluation reports provide an overview of social service needs, resources available to meet the needs and identify current and anticipated needs based on trends in the community. They show changes in the magnitude and patterning of poverty and well-being in recent years and among diverse social and demographic groups. This information can be used to anticipate service needs and maximize the availability of social services among Nashvillians and is designed to guide policy makers, professional practitioners, advocates and philanthropists in their efforts to alleviate poverty.