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Financial Assistance Coalition

After identifying the increasing need for financial assistance, Metropolitan Social Services-Planning, Coordination and Social Data Analysis partnered with NeedLink Nashville, Rooftop Foundation and United Way of Metropolitan Nashville to convene the Davidson County organizations that provide financial assistance to people in need. In August 2013, a series of meetings began that led to the formation of the Financial Assistance Coalition.

The Financial Assistance Coalition brings together nonprofit organizations, faith organizations and government agencies that provide services or financial help to cost-burdened Nashvillians. The Coalition’s purpose is to enhance awareness, communication and collaboration among these providers to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of assistance to struggling Nashville households.

Keystone organizations include Metro Social Services-Planning & Coordination Division, Rooftop Foundation, NeedLink Nashville and United Way of Metropolitan Nashville. The Nashville Financial Empowerment Center, Project Return, Ladies of Charity, Family & Children’s Services, Martha O’Bryan Center, Metro Homelessness Commission, Riverwood Church of Christ, Urban Housing Solutions, First Church of the Nazarene, Safe Haven Family Shelters and Goodwill have also participated in the coalition.

In 2014, this team led a data collection project compiling data from six participating organizations in the Financial Assistance Coalition. The data revealed the magnitude of unmet needs for financial assistance in Davidson County, even with the combined resources of all of these organizations. The findings from this project are described in the Metropolitan Social Services’ 2014 Community Needs Evaluation beginning on page 44.

Among the greatest outcomes have been the informal connections created between member agencies that have spurred improved communication, coordination and access to services. The coalition also created a shared directory to facilitate referrals to coalition partners to enhance the continuum of services. In 2015, the Financial Assistance Coalition (under sponsorship of Rooftop) was a finalist for the Frist Foundation’s Team Building Award, at the Center for Nonprofit Management’s Salute to Excellence.

For additional information about the Financial Assistance Coalition, please contact Julia Gildemeister, current Coalition Chair, at Rooftop at (615) 815-9012, or current Coalition Co-Chair, Jann Seymour at NeedLink Nashville, (615) 269-6835,

Financial Assistance Coalition Partner List (Nov. 2015)

Amount of Funds - Requested versus Provided

A data update for the period January through June 2016 from NeedLink of Nashville, Rooftop, Project Return and St. Luke's Community House found that the need for financial assistance remains significant. The chart below shows that the financial assistance available during that period met only 37% of the need for financial assistance.

Requested: $745,181
Provided: $276,346

chart of financial need: Requested: $745,181; Provided: $276,346