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Sports Authority Board Members

The Sports Authority is composed of a 13 member Board of Directors who the Mayor appoints to serve six-year terms. (Tennessee Code Annotated 7-67-108)

  • Kim Adkins, Chair
    Term: 3/15/2016–2/17/2022
    District: 2nd School Board
  • Cathy Bender, Vice-Chair
    Term: 5/5/2020–2/19/2026
    District: 4th School Board
  • Emmett Wynn, Secretary
    Term: 3/20/2018–2/17/2024
    District: 3rd School Board
  • Margaret Behm
    Term: 3/15/2016–2/17/2022
    District: 23rd State Senate
  • Col. Don Deering
    Term: 5/5/2020–2/19/2026
    District: 20th State Senate
  • Jad Duncan
    Term: 4/3/2018–2/20/2024
    District: 9th School Board
  • Glenn Farner
    Term: 5/5/2020–2/19/2026
    District: 8th School Board
  • Melvin Gill
    Term: 3/5/2020–12/19/2023
    District: 19th State Senate
  • Jon Glassmeyer
    Term: 8/21/2018–2/17/2022
    District: 5th School District
  • Frank Harrison
    Term: 12/3/2019–10/19/2023
    District: 1st School District
  • Dan Hogan
    Term: 3/5/2019–12/19/2023
    District: 21st State Senate
  • Aaron McGee
    Term: 4/2/2019–2/17/2022
    District: 6th School Board
  • Anna Page
    Term: 6/2/2020–2/19/2026
    District: 8th School Board

Contact the Sports Authority

730 2nd Avenue South
Suite 103
Nashville, TN 37210